Top 10 Hidden Features of SAP Business One

Sometimes it's the little things that can add the most value to the solution. Let's go over some hidden gems in SAP Business One that are not talked about much and are often forgotten, but can add real value to your business.

In this week's Web Chat we will be highlighting the top hidden features of SAP Business One and demonstrating unique functions available in the solution.

Let us show you various functions to help enhance your user experience and get the most out of your SAP Business One system. Discover tips and tricks, reporting functionalities, and accounting and financial capabilities that will help you work more efficiently and save valuable time.

Some of the sap b1 items we will cover are as follows:

  1. Global Language Support from most any field.
  2. How to leverage Alternate Items.
  3. Hard Allocation of Material from Sales Order.
  4. Auto-Creation of Packaging in Delivery.
  5. Streamlining Pick and Pack manage with UDF's.
  6. Recurring Transaction Automation.
  7. Outlook Drag and Drop into SAP Business One.
  8. Copy and Paste into SAP Business One.
  9. How to Schedule Custom Reports for Delivery.
  10. Grid Expansion Enhancement.