The Saltbox Platform - Integrate Existing Applications With Each Other and SAP Business One

The Saltbox Platform is Vision33’s born in the cloud iPaas (Integration Platform as a Service) solution for enterprise integration, workflow and collaboration between business applications. Saltbox is designed and built as a cloud-centric tool specifically for connecting transactional data between critical business systems. Additionally, Saltbox provides for integration and workflow construction in a manner that allows for intelligent human intervention in input, approvals and exception handling.

The Saltbox Platform provides a secure and flexible connections between different business applications. There is an ever-growing list of pre-build connections for common business application such as Shopify, HubSpot, Concur, and Salesforce as well as standard technology connectors such as SQL Server, JSON Converter, SQL Server, SAP HANA, REST API, SMTP. Each connection contains a standard set of workflows to move data between the applications. A connection can be further customized to include additional workflows as needed or custom connections can be easily be created.

With Saltbox, the opportunities to integrate and extend your business applications are limitless. You no longer have to imagine how much smoother your business would operate if information flowed between your web portals, sales systems, marketing software and ERP system. Saltbox makes it happen.

With The Saltbox Platform, you’ll benefit from:

  • Reduced costs and errors with data moving between multiple systems and applications​

  • Improved ROI due to drastic reduction in design, development and testing effort​

  • Flexibility and ease of use to design simple to extremely complex workflows visually or via scripting​

  • Unparalleled connectivity with any system or solution​

  • Complete synchronization of data between SAP Business One and your other line of business solutions

  • Greatly minimized need for developer resources


  • Visual user interface to create/manage workflows and field mappings

  • Scalable workflow engine to handle peak season workloads

  • Dashboards to quickly review transaction status and metrics

  • Ability to integrate with SAP Business One on HANA or SQL Server

  • Role based user access for data security

Vision33’s team of certified consultants have worked with thousands of SAP Business One customers worldwide to provide seamless integration between SAP Business One and new and/or existing applications. From custom expense systems to third party EDI applications and eCommerce sites – the application-to-application and SAP Business One integration opportunities are limited only to your imagination with Saltbox.

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